Many friends have been foolhardy enough to suggest I write a blog about our adventures in China – and I’ve been rash enough to try.

This is our last week at home in WB – it’s very strange. We somehow don’t want to leave the house and we spend all our time either tidying up or throwing stuff out. Quite liberating really. I’ve found archives of papers from 2002 – why haven’t I got rid of them before? There is space on my office floor I haven’t seen for years. And as for the garage – we’ve sold one car and now can actually put the other one away – to safely overwinter.

We still await Fintan’s visa – mine has arrived – but all being well, we expect to be flying out on September 3rd to Ningbo, via Hong Kong. F’s PA seems to be eagerly awaiting his arrival – if only to choose a new sofa for his office – and I have to register as an MA student the following week. I keep getting lots of emails about student welcomes and induction – all very confusing – am I a trailing spouse or an industrious learner?